An Interview with Jason Martin of
Starflyer 59

By Jason Childress

Starflyer 59 has been around since 1994. I've heard them called slacker rock, shoegaze, indie rock, and lounge. I guess each of those labels sort of fits, but I'd just say they probably wore out their vinyl copies of My Bloody Valentine, Suede, and Galaxy 500 a long time ago.
It's 4:00 in the morning and I'm sitting on a swingset in a park in my creepy, cardboard, cookycutter neighborhood, trying to think of questions to ask one of my all time favorite bands. Having not slept in several days, I'm relatively brain dead and can't think of anything. I did manage to come up with fifteen questions before going to work at 5:30. But naturally I forgot to bring them with me and didn't have the mental capacity to remember them. So this is what I came up with...


Me: Go ahead and do the introduction thing for us.
Him: I'm Jason. I play guitar and sing. Jeff plays bass, Joey plays drums, and Josh plays keyboards.
Me: How long have you guys been together?
Him: This set up's been together for about a year.
Me: There's been some other people in and out of the band?
Him: Jeff's been in it for... ...most of the time.
Me: Your brother was in the band for a while wasn't he?
Him: No... ...he wasn't ever in the band... ....we were in bands together, ten years ago.
(At this point in the interview, I mumble something total intelligible. I think I was asking about side projects.
Him: During the day? ...Oh, like other bands?!
Me: Yeah, are they in any other bands or...
Him: The keyboardist and drummer are in a band called Map and that's pretty much it.
Me: Uh...lets see... uh....I'm sorry I'm dead tired and I can't remember what I wanted to ask. I wrote some stuff down but I left it at home.
Him: Oh that's okay man. If you got a few questions. These things are best like this you know.
Me: What are you guys trying to do with the band? Is there some hidden purpose?
Him: We're just trying to put out good music, you know. We try to progress with each album.
Me: When does the new album come out?
Him: It's coming out in June.
Me: You're going on tour before that right?
Him: Yeah we're kinda....we're doing some festivals and we're doing a couple of weeks in May. We have some shows with Pedro the Lion coming up, beginning next month.
Me: Where are you going to be playing?
Him: With Pedro?
Me: Well yeah, anywhere you'll be playing in the new few months.
Him: You know, I have no idea. We have dates booked. We're going all over the country, so...
Me: Cool, you guys don't play all that often.
Him: Oh yeah. We play like once a month around here. Not all the time. We haven't played in a few months. Took some time off you know to kinda unwind.
Me: What's your favortie albums?
Him: That'd be the uh...probably the Fashion Focus.
Me: When the Fashion Focus came out the sound got kind of thinner.
Him: Yeah, that's what I like about it. It's something I'm into right now.
Me: Any real reason for that or were you just...
Him: Yeah, we just wanted to do something a little different. There's no point in doing the same record you know. Change it up, switch it up.
Me: What are some of your favorite bands?
Him: Oh jeez, I don't know. Danial Amis, The Smiths, New Order. Just depends on what I'm into it at the moment. It changes from week to week.
Me: Right on. Um... Any big plans for the band in the future?
Him: No just keep making good music, we've been together seven or eight years so we'll just keep it rolling.
Me: I can't really think of anything more so...
Him: Well what do you think then, does that do it?
Me: Thanks a lot.
Him: Alright, man.


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