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We recommend that everyone try to shop locally for goods and services when they can! Otherwise, be sure to read the "fine print" on any internet resource listed here or anywhere else. [Read our Disclaimer here] - transpose.jpg
"This tool transposes guitar chord progression or string of notes to all 12 keys with one simple click. You can use it to transpose songs to your vocal range or simply to enhance your music theory studies."
-Exerpt from the site

This is a really impressive little web-based transposer that will throw the whole verse worth of chords back at you, instead of one chord at a time. Easier than my "chord wheel," and WAY easier than using your noodle!
-Mike C


Chord Wheel Transposer - ACF1398.jpg
Chord Wheel Transposer
Print it, cut it out, transpose your brains out!! -Mike C
Useful guitar resource, tabs, chords, lessons, lyrics
Website - tabslyrics.gif

Tabs and stuff
Website - ACF4570.gif
Jazz guitar lessons, tabs, chords, licks, transcriptions, mp3 & more.

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar - afg.jpg
Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar
On this site you will find an ever growing collection of Articles, Reviews, and Interviews. There is also quality guitar Tablature and MIDI music that is exclusively Fingerstyle Guitar. There is also special pages with reviews of Fingerstyle Books and Videos.

Alternate Tuning Guide for Contemporary Folk Music
Just what it says

Classical Guitar Tabulature
Just what it says ...

Guitar Chord Chart - ChordChart.jpg
Guitar Chord Chart
Adobe pdf format. 7 pages, 386K

Guitar Notes - guitarnotes.gif
Guitar Notes
Welcome to the largest collection of guitar music on the net! Just a few of our artists are listed below. You can browse through our artist index by selecting from the alphabet below, or use our search engine to look through over 80,000 songs, including thousands of non-OLGA files.

Guitar Start
G u i t a r S t a r t . n e t No:1 Guitar Resource for guitar players...

Guitar Tab Universe - gtu.gif
Guitar Tab Universe
The Internet's largest collection of guitar and bass tablature. Searches over 35,000 files. Collection is still updated to include even the newest songs. Fast, easy to use, and every link always works.

Guitar Tabs - guitartabs.gif
Guitar TabsWebsite - guitarboard.gif
Hey guitarist! Do you have any tabs that are not on this site? Why not add them and help your fellow guitar players? It's easy, just click here and sign up. After that you can add tabs by clicking add tabs in the top menu!

Instab - instab.gif
Instab is a FREE program for Windows95 and Windows/NT (3.51+) which allows guitarists to easily and quickly generate ASCII tablature files, such as those found on the Usenet newsgroups and, and on the OnLine Guitar Archive (OLGA).

Javascript Guitar Chord Chart #1 - java1.gif
Javascript Guitar Chord Chart #1
Java script chord chart for guitar

Javascript Guitar Chord Chart #2 - java2.gif
Javascript Guitar Chord Chart #2
Another Java script chord chart for guitar
Rock and pop drum tab archive alphabetically organized by artist name.

My Songbook
This site proposes an extensive Guitar Pro file database. A Guitar Pro file is not a simple text tablature, it offers the possibility to be listen, viewed and printed with a high resolution quality. In order to use this tabs, you need first to install the software Guitar Pro.

OLGA - olga.gif
Welcome to OLGA, the On-Line Guitar Archive. OLGA is a library of files that show you how to play songs on guitar.

Tab Robot - tabrobot.gif
Tab Robot
Tab Robot finds your guitar tabs guitar tab search engine

The Interchart Home Page
Guitar Charts

Top 500 Classic Rock SongsWebsite

Top Country Tabs at About
several artist indexes of guitar tabs, chords and lyrics. You can find them listed below. Each artist's page includes tabs, chords and lyrics listed by album.

Woodwind Fingering Charts - aa
Woodwind Fingering Charts
Fingering Charts in this site Basic Fingerings Alternate Fingerings Quarter Tone Fingerings Trill Fingerings Tremolo Fingerings Flattement Fingerings Multiphonic Fingerings for many sizes and models of band and orchestral woodwind instruments Flute and Piccolo Oboe and English Horn Clarinet Saxophone Bassoon and for several other woodwind instruments Recorder Tin Whistle and Fife Charanga Flute Irish Uilleann Pipes Shakuhachi Flute Sarrusophone

Bass Tab Archive - bta.gif
Bass Tab Archive
The Bass Tab Archive was started in October of 1994. The purpose of the archive was to create a central repository for the large amounts of bass tablature scattered around the internet. The BTA has grown to be the largest collection of bass tab on the internet and was incorporated into the On-Line Guitar Archive in the Spring of 1997. The archive is now found on more than 20 mirror sites throughout the world.

Lyrics World - ACF5BB3.gif
Lyrics World
Lyric search: "We have searched the entire Internet and have created a search engine for this sole purpose. Try it out for yourself and you'll see how cool it really is."
Website - ACF5B88.gif
Includes large archive of lyrics.

Mandolin Chord Chart
Java script mandolin chart

Lyrics Search EngineWebsite

Violin Fingering Chart - violin.gif
Violin Fingering ChartWebsite

French Horn Fingering Chart - frhorn
French Horn Fingering ChartWebsite

Trumpet Fingering Chart - trumpet
Trumpet Fingering Chart
This trumpet fingering chart includes enharmonics. This is a three octave fingering chart going from low F# to G three octaves higher.
Website - smiling_ed.jpg
The basic premise of this site is this: If you can hear the music, adjust the tempo and see it written out you will learn faster. These things helped me and I hope they will help you.

Shakuhachi Flute Fingering Chart - sflute
Shakuhachi Flute Fingering Chart
This chart covers the range of notes on the 1.8' (Key of D) shakuhachi. It illustrates the fingering, lip and head positions for each note on the 5- and 7-hole instrument as well as the corresponding symbol used in Western (5-Line Staff), Tozan-ryu, Kinko-ryu and Ancient Hogaku notation systems.

Flute Fingering Chart - flute
Flute Fingering Chart
Here is a printable chart showing keys to press for each note on the flute. A supplementary sheet gives a chart of finger placement and an illustration of hand position. All are from Mark Shepard’s How to Love Your Flute. To view and print them, you can use Adobe Reader. Note: These sheets are designed primarily for printing. They might not look as good on your screen!

Bassoon Fingering Chart - bassoon1.jpg
Bassoon Fingering Chart
Click on a note to access the following information: normal fingering(s), intonation tendency, trill fingerings, and additional fingerings for fixing intonation problems and/or for playing soft/loud.

Bassoon Fingering Chart - bassoon
Bassoon Fingering Chart
Bassoon Fingering Chart 1 by Kirsten Nelson, DMA SFA Assistant Professor of Music, Bassoon and Theory

B flat Clarinet fingering Chart - clarinet.gif
B flat Clarinet fingering Chart
I made this because I thought there should be a web-available fingering chart and I couldn't find one. Nothing special about it except that it might be the only chromatic Bb chart on the web. One of these years I may re-involve myself in the clarinet hobby and expand it. Too much to do, such a short life...

Harmonica Positions Chart - harp.gif
Harmonica Positions Chart
Major positions, Natural Minor positions, and Melody Maker Positions

Piano Chord Chart - pianoworld.gif
Piano Chord Chart
Piano chords and scales

Nathan Torkington banjo tabs
Banjo Tabs

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