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Humboldt County's Definitive Music Source
June 29
4:32 AM PST

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We recommend that everyone try to shop locally for goods and services when they can! Otherwise, be sure to read the "fine print" on any internet resource listed here or anywhere else. [Read our Disclaimer here]

Guitar Lessons From Ibanez Guitar Players - ibanez.jpg
Guitar Lessons From Ibanez Guitar Players
Online guitar lessons: learn to play the electric/acoustic guitar with ibanez guitars greats.

I Hate Barre Chords - Blog
Hi! :) I'm a first-year music student and I started my blog/advice 2010 October and the theme is pretty self-explanatory. :P I basically started out trying to compile and post some tips to help beginning guitarists (like I was at the time - and probably still kinda am even though I'm in a band now) get the hang of barre chords faster (probably the most frustrating part of learning for me). Anyways, here's my site!

Mad Guitar Licks
I originally created this site to be a tool for my existing students... but now it's available to anyone looking to jazz up their playing a bit. I believe THE key to becoming a great guitarist is memorizing as many killer guitar licks as possible. So lick on!!!

Whats That Dude Play? is the brain child of my wife, Holly Wright. Sitting quietly one humid night in Houston, Texas, surfing the internet on her iMac, she searched futilely for a recent photo of the pedal board of one of her favorite guitar players. A bit of Googling revealed scraps of info scattered across the vastness of the world wide web, but a lot of it well-hidden deep inside random forum threads and none of it more recent than a year ago. Disheartened by her search, she turned to her guitar-playing husband Blake (thats me!) and said We should do something about this. And so& we have.
Website - ACF1380.jpg
"...guitar lessons which are as good as multimedia lessons that cost money. Our aim with this site is to provide a complete guitar learning site with easily understandable and detailed high quality guitar instruction. Here, you will find lessons ranging from topics for the complete beginner to advanced..."

Guitar Tricks - guittrix.jpg
Guitar Tricks
Guitar Tricks is headquartered just south of here in Oakland. The site allows guitar instructors from around the world to create online guitar lessons on the web with video, mp3 and guitar tablature. Aspiring (and experienced) guitarists can then learn a variety of styles from all these instructors. Currently the site has over 2500 lessons from 45 instructors, which is enough to cover everything from country to metal, from beginner to advance guitar.

Guitar World - ACF108.gif
Guitar World
All about guitars and guitarists

Bonzai Musical Products
High-end Custom Guitar Effects Superior tone and exceptional sounds for your amplifier. The world´s finest stompboxes. Banzai Musical Products is a small company located in Berlin, Germany. We want to provide guitarists with exceptional tone, quality products and great service. All of our pedals are designed with the special needs of guitarists in mind. We take the best from vintage and new technology and incorporate it into products that are suitable for live situations, studio work as well as bedroom use. We only use the highest quality close-tolerance parts available for maximum sonic integrity. All Banzai products are hand-wired, tweaked for optimum performance, tested, dated and signed before they are shipped.

The Klon Centaur was designed, over a period of four years, to be an overdrive that works with your guitar and amp, and with the particular sound they create, rather than creates its own sound.

Guitar Lesson World
Guitar Lesson World is a site that you can obtain Guitar Lessons on all styles and all levels. This site is a resource that gives the information that aspiring guitarists need to become better. It provides lessons on theory with everything from scales and modes to chord construction. These lessons give information that many private lessons don't touch on. There are also many resources that are not directly related to guitar lessons. These resources show minor repairs, tips, blues licks, and much more. This site will give you much needed knowledge about the guitar. It has been recommended by private instructors. Just take a look for yourself.

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