...Humboldt County's Definitive Music Source
Humboldt County's Definitive Music Source
June 29
4:33 AM PST

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HammerHead Rhythm Station 1.0 - Hammerhead.jpg
HammerHead Rhythm Station 1.0
Easy, intutive rhythm maker: create complex drums very quickly... great for scratch drum tracks. Comes with drum sounds that actually sound like drums. My kids love it! From the "official" description: "Aimed at the dance scene, HammerHead is a simple software drum machine similar to the Roland TR-909. You can use it to create techno loops and jungle patterns, and record your actions to a high-quality, noise-free WAV or RAW file for use with your sampler or sequencer. It includes 23 separate drum patches and six complete loops, plus a feature to implement banks with six samples of your own, making a total of 35 samples that can be used at one time. HammerHead also features adjustments for tempo, shuffle, feedback, and distortion, as well as the ability to export drum loops by measure or by entire session."

dBpowerAMP CD Writer  - dcwsmall.gif
dBpowerAMP CD Writer
dBpowerAMP CD Writer (dCW) makes audio CD creation a breeze, never before has it been just so easy to create Audio CDs: Write audio CDs from practically any audio file, Create Standard 74 or 80 minute CDs, Make Mp3, WMA or Ogg vorbis CDs,

Sonic Foundry's - aplogo.gif
Sonic Foundry's
Sonic Foundry's website for users of Acid featuring free weekly loops and contests.

Pro Tools Free! - ptfreedownload.gif
Pro Tools Free!
Get Pro Tools FREE and experience the power and flexibility of Pro Tools®. Using your computer's built-in sound capability, Pro Tools FREE offers up to 8 tracks of audio and 48 tracks of MIDI, real-time plug-ins, and many of the same editing and mixing features the pros use.

WinAmp - ACF7777.gif
One of the best Mp3 players available... and it's free!

Yamaha DX7 Centre - dx7.gif
Yamaha DX7 Centre
Sounds, software downloads

Analog X - analogx.jpg
Analog X
Plugins and programs

Ogg Vorbis: Open, Free Audio - ACF139C.jpg
Ogg Vorbis: Open, Free Audio
INTRODUCTION Ogg Vorbis will likely be considered one of the most exciting developments in music history. As a creator of music, nothing is more important than getting your music heard. But, how can a creator of music be sure that the music he produces today isn't restricted in the future? With the advent of MP3, I thought this problem was solved. It was not until this year that I came to a full understanding of what freedom really means. As it turns out, several individuals and companies plan to restrict the use of MP3's. Starting this year some of the patent holders to particular MP3 technologies plan on enforcing their property rights. As a creator of music, I will be restricted in my efforts to "get the music heard." Ogg Vorbis to the rescue! Ogg Vorbis is truly open source and royalty free. A musician can create Ogg files and never have to worry about the music being restricted or money being extorted! "Oh, all the kids are switching over to Ogg. The kids are smart. They know it is a better file format than MP3 -- it is faster to download and requires less storage space." -- Dr. Sidd Mukherjee, Ohio State

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Power 96 FM KFMI
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KHUM 104.3 & 104.7 FM
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KWPT The Point
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