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Humboldt County's Definitive Music Source
June 27
4:02 AM PST

Golly, what a swell view!
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Communist ToadiesFebruary Instrumental   Listen to February Instrumental Download Mp3: February Instrumental
Communist ToadiesIf You Want To   Listen to If You Want To Download Mp3: If You Want To
Communist ToadiesIn The Back Of Your Mind   Listen to In The Back Of Your Mind Download Mp3: In The Back Of Your Mind
Communist ToadiesLast That Long   Listen to Last That Long Download Mp3: Last That Long
Communist ToadiesLoss   Listen to Loss Download Mp3: Loss
Communist ToadiesMonkey Man   Listen to Monkey Man Download Mp3: Monkey Man
Communist ToadiesNeedlessly   Listen to Needlessly Download Mp3: Needlessly
Communist ToadiesOn The Range   Listen to On The Range Download Mp3: On The Range
Communist ToadiesProfiled   Listen to Profiled Download Mp3: Profiled
Communist ToadiesRegular Guy   Listen to Regular Guy Download Mp3: Regular Guy
Communist ToadiesRevisitation   Listen to Revisitation Download Mp3: Revisitation
Communist ToadiesRich Man In China   Listen to Rich Man In China Download Mp3: Rich Man In China
Communist ToadiesRolling On (One Love)   Listen to Rolling On (One Love) Download Mp3: Rolling On (One Love)
Communist ToadiesSome Cowboys   Listen to Some Cowboys Download Mp3: Some Cowboys
Communist ToadiesStay A Long Time   Listen to Stay A Long Time Download Mp3: Stay A Long Time
Communist ToadiesThat Drunken Country Song   Listen to That Drunken Country Song Download Mp3: That Drunken Country Song
Communist ToadiesThe Way It's Always Been   Listen to The Way It's Always Been Download Mp3: The Way It's Always Been
Communist ToadiesThese Gray Days   Listen to These Gray Days Download Mp3: These Gray Days
Communist ToadiesToo Far Gone   Listen to Too Far Gone Download Mp3: Too Far Gone
Communist ToadiesUntitled   Listen to Untitled Download Mp3: Untitled
Communist ToadiesWho's Going To Save Us?   Listen to Who's Going To Save Us? Download Mp3: Who's Going To Save Us?
Mark HuddlesonThe Window   Listen to The Window
Kathe LythBlessed   Listen to Blessed Download Mp3: Blessed
Kathe LythCome Now, Gently   Listen to Come Now, Gently Download Mp3: Come Now, Gently
Kathe LythWhite Sand   Listen to White Sand Download Mp3: White Sand
Kathe LythWinter Sunrise   Listen to Winter Sunrise Download Mp3: Winter Sunrise
King SalmonBig Boss Man   Listen to Big Boss Man Download Mp3: Big Boss Man
King SalmonHe was a man   Listen to He was a man Download Mp3: He was a man
King SalmonHesitation Blues   Listen to Hesitation Blues Download Mp3: Hesitation Blues
Jim CornwellBig Scotia   Listen to Big Scotia
Jim CornwellDusty Miller   Listen to Dusty Miller
Jim CornwellFur Elise   Listen to Fur Elise
Jim CornwellGarry Owen   Listen to Garry Owen
Jim CornwellJerusalem Ridge Come Alon...   Listen to Jerusalem Ridge Come Along Jody Cluck Ol Hen
Jim CornwellJesu Joy Of Mans Desiring   Listen to Jesu Joy Of Mans Desiring
Jim CornwellLittle Rabbit   Listen to Little Rabbit
Jim CornwellMidnight On The Water   Listen to Midnight On The Water
Jim CornwellMouth Of The Tobique   Listen to Mouth Of The Tobique
Jim CornwellPaddy On The Turnpike   Listen to Paddy On The Turnpike
Jim CornwellRagtime Annie Forked Deer   Listen to Ragtime Annie Forked Deer
Jim CornwellStallion Stomp   Listen to Stallion Stomp
Jim CornwellStrayaway Child   Listen to Strayaway Child
MagnoliaBlue Light (90 second cli...   Listen to Blue Light (90 second clip) Download Mp3: Blue Light (90 second clip)
MagnoliaCan't Help Myself (90 sec...   Listen to Can't Help Myself (90 second clip) Download Mp3: Can't Help Myself (90 second clip)
MagnoliaExpensive Chords (90 seco...   Listen to Expensive Chords (90 second clip) Download Mp3: Expensive Chords (90 second clip)
MagnoliaEyes on the Prize (90 sec...   Listen to Eyes on the Prize (90 second clip) Download Mp3: Eyes on the Prize (90 second clip)
MagnoliaFirecrackin' Daddy (90 se...   Listen to Firecrackin' Daddy (90 second clip) Download Mp3: Firecrackin' Daddy (90 second clip)
MagnoliaFrankie's Song (90 second...   Listen to Frankie's Song (90 second clip) Download Mp3: Frankie's Song (90 second clip)
MagnoliaJump Jive Swing (90 secon...   Listen to Jump Jive Swing (90 second clip) Download Mp3: Jump Jive Swing (90 second clip)
MagnoliaKeeping It Light (90 seco...   Listen to Keeping It Light (90 second clip) Download Mp3: Keeping It Light (90 second clip)
MagnoliaLove Your Life (90 second...   Listen to Love Your Life (90 second clip) Download Mp3: Love Your Life (90 second clip)
Folk OffsBlossom   Listen to Blossom Download Mp3: Blossom
Folk OffsCold Sunday Roast   Listen to Cold Sunday Roast Download Mp3: Cold Sunday Roast
Folk OffsGruel Variations   Listen to Gruel Variations Download Mp3: Gruel Variations
Folk OffsMadonna   Listen to Madonna Download Mp3: Madonna
Folk OffsNeap Tide   Listen to Neap Tide Download Mp3: Neap Tide
Folk OffsStrong Guys   Listen to Strong Guys Download Mp3: Strong Guys
Earl JamesAlex Has Lost It   Listen to Alex Has Lost It Download Mp3: Alex Has Lost It
Earl JamesBlue Dress   Listen to Blue Dress Download Mp3: Blue Dress
Earl JamesContigo   Listen to Contigo Download Mp3: Contigo
Earl JamesTimes Are Hard Enough (Wi...   Listen to Times Are Hard Enough (Without This) Download Mp3: Times Are Hard Enough (Without This)
The Volt Per Octaves88MPH   Listen to 88MPH
The Volt Per OctavesEva Natalia   Listen to Eva Natalia
The Volt Per OctavesEva Natalia (Liquid Cente...   Listen to Eva Natalia (Liquid Center Remix)
The Volt Per OctavesMausoleum Melody   Listen to Mausoleum Melody
The Volt Per OctavesMellologue   Listen to Mellologue
The Volt Per OctavesSleeping In   Listen to Sleeping In
The Volt Per OctavesSuper Milk   Listen to Super Milk
The Volt Per OctavesTheta Release   Listen to Theta Release
John LudingtonDont Give Me Your Cold   Listen to Dont Give Me Your Cold Download Mp3: Dont Give Me Your Cold
John LudingtonGallery Beyond Words   Listen to Gallery Beyond Words Download Mp3: Gallery Beyond Words
Bob HuckAlabama Gals   Listen to Alabama Gals Download Mp3: Alabama Gals
Bob HuckBarlow Knife   Listen to Barlow Knife Download Mp3: Barlow Knife
Bob HuckBattle Cry Of Freedom   Listen to Battle Cry Of Freedom Download Mp3: Battle Cry Of Freedom
Bob HuckBonaparte Crossing The Rh...   Listen to Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine Download Mp3: Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine
Bob HuckCherokee Polka   Listen to Cherokee Polka Download Mp3: Cherokee Polka
Bob HuckColeman's March   Listen to Coleman's March Download Mp3: Coleman's March
Bob HuckColerain   Listen to Colerain Download Mp3: Colerain
Bob HuckDixie   Listen to Dixie Download Mp3: Dixie
Bob HuckDown Yonder   Listen to Down Yonder Download Mp3: Down Yonder
Bob HuckFirst Century Reel   Listen to First Century Reel Download Mp3: First Century Reel
Bob HuckGrasshopper Sitting On A ...   Listen to Grasshopper Sitting On A Sweet Potato Vine Download Mp3: Grasshopper Sitting On A Sweet Potato Vine
Bob HuckHappy Acres   Listen to Happy Acres Download Mp3: Happy Acres
Bob HuckHappy Birthday Miss Rosse...   Listen to Happy Birthday Miss Rosser Download Mp3: Happy Birthday Miss Rosser
Bob HuckHucks Tune   Listen to Hucks Tune Download Mp3: Hucks Tune
Bob HuckLost Indian   Listen to Lost Indian Download Mp3: Lost Indian
Bob HuckMorpeth Rant   Listen to Morpeth Rant Download Mp3: Morpeth Rant
Bob HuckNew Five Cents   Listen to New Five Cents Download Mp3: New Five Cents
Bob HuckOld Black Dog   Listen to Old Black Dog Download Mp3: Old Black Dog
Bob HuckOver The Waterfall   Listen to Over The Waterfall Download Mp3: Over The Waterfall
Bob HuckSwing Yer Partner   Listen to Swing Yer Partner Download Mp3: Swing Yer Partner
Bob HuckWashington And Lee   Listen to Washington And Lee Download Mp3: Washington And Lee
Bob HuckWestfork Gals   Listen to Westfork Gals Download Mp3: Westfork Gals
Aaron Deancrazy stab at world music   Listen to crazy stab at world music Download Mp3: crazy stab at world music
Aaron DeanGoing Down   Listen to Going Down Download Mp3: Going Down
Aaron DeanGoodbye is Hard   Listen to Goodbye is Hard Download Mp3: Goodbye is Hard
Aaron DeanHey Check Me Out!   Listen to Hey Check Me Out! Download Mp3: Hey Check Me Out!
Aaron DeanMorning Wood   Listen to Morning Wood Download Mp3: Morning Wood
Aaron DeanSkin Crawl   Listen to Skin Crawl Download Mp3: Skin Crawl
MOO-GOT-2backline   Listen to backline Download Mp3: backline
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