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Humboldt County's Definitive Music Source
June 27
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Golly, what a swell view!
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QUE LA CHINGATorch   Listen to Torch
QUE LA CHINGATractor Song   Listen to Tractor Song
QUE LA CHINGAUrban Blues   Listen to Urban Blues
Kent Stephenson BandArroyo   Listen to Arroyo
Kent Stephenson BandCheyenne   Listen to Cheyenne
Kent Stephenson BandDiesel Go Home   Listen to Diesel Go Home Download Mp3: Diesel Go Home
Kent Stephenson BandImagining   Listen to Imagining
Kent Stephenson BandLakeview   Listen to Lakeview
The Foundlings4 & twump   Listen to 4 & twump Download Mp3: 4 & twump
The FoundlingsBootheels   Listen to Bootheels Download Mp3: Bootheels
The FoundlingsBreakfast of Sin   Listen to Breakfast of Sin Download Mp3: Breakfast of Sin
The FoundlingsCame Down   Listen to Came Down Download Mp3: Came Down
The FoundlingsMattie Groves   Listen to Mattie Groves Download Mp3: Mattie Groves
Mike AndersonBuilding Drive   Listen to Building Drive Download Mp3: Building Drive
Mike AndersonFinal Punishment   Listen to Final Punishment Download Mp3: Final Punishment
Mike AndersonMonster   Listen to Monster Download Mp3: Monster
Noirsable1710 (Delay)   Listen to 1710 (Delay) Download Mp3: 1710 (Delay)
NoirsableDrowned   Listen to Drowned Download Mp3: Drowned
NoirsableEin   Listen to Ein Download Mp3: Ein
NoirsableFinal Punishment (Eye for...   Listen to Final Punishment (Eye for an Eye) Download Mp3: Final Punishment (Eye for an Eye)
NoirsableFlawed by Design (Harpsic...   Listen to Flawed by Design (Harpsichord) Download Mp3: Flawed by Design (Harpsichord)
NoirsableFlux (Canon)   Listen to Flux (Canon) Download Mp3: Flux (Canon)
NoirsableIo   Listen to Io Download Mp3: Io
NoirsableOsiris   Listen to Osiris Download Mp3: Osiris
NoirsableOtean (Object of Aggresio...   Listen to Otean (Object of Aggresion) Download Mp3: Otean (Object of Aggresion)
NoirsablePuk (Reshape)   Listen to Puk (Reshape) Download Mp3: Puk (Reshape)
NoirsableSonica   Listen to Sonica Download Mp3: Sonica
NoirsableSynth X (War)   Listen to Synth X (War) Download Mp3: Synth X (War)
NoirsableTears of Dust   Listen to Tears of Dust Download Mp3: Tears of Dust
NoirsableTorn Fates (Lament Cycle)   Listen to Torn Fates (Lament Cycle) Download Mp3: Torn Fates (Lament Cycle)
NoirsableTraitor (Entropy)   Listen to Traitor (Entropy) Download Mp3: Traitor (Entropy)
NoirsableUnrest (Resisting)   Listen to Unrest (Resisting) Download Mp3: Unrest (Resisting)
NoirsableVirus   Listen to Virus Download Mp3: Virus
glenn smithlift off   Listen to lift off Download Mp3: lift off
glenn smiththin line of light   Listen to thin line of light Download Mp3: thin line of light
glenn smithvoices 1   Listen to voices 1 Download Mp3: voices 1
glenn smithvoices 2   Listen to voices 2 Download Mp3: voices 2
glenn smithvoices 3   Listen to voices 3 Download Mp3: voices 3
glenn smithwinter   Listen to winter Download Mp3: winter
Thyrd NyppleHomelss Rasta   Listen to Homelss Rasta Download Mp3: Homelss Rasta
Thyrd NyppleMarty   Listen to Marty Download Mp3: Marty
GroutDoper   Listen to Doper Download Mp3: Doper
GroutMcKinleyville   Listen to McKinleyville Download Mp3: McKinleyville
Nick Putrid88 mPh   Listen to 88 mPh Download Mp3: 88 mPh
Nick PutridMauSoLeUm mELodY (2003)   Listen to MauSoLeUm mELodY (2003) Download Mp3: MauSoLeUm mELodY (2003)
Nick PutridMike Tysons Punch Out   Listen to Mike Tysons Punch Out Download Mp3: Mike Tysons Punch Out
Nick PutridThetainduced   Listen to Thetainduced Download Mp3: Thetainduced
Ruben  DiazRuben Diaz 1   Listen to Ruben Diaz 1 Download Mp3: Ruben Diaz 1
Ruben  DiazRuben Diaz 2   Listen to Ruben Diaz 2 Download Mp3: Ruben Diaz 2
Ruben  DiazRuben Diaz 3   Listen to Ruben Diaz 3 Download Mp3: Ruben Diaz 3
Ruben  DiazRuben Diaz 4   Listen to Ruben Diaz 4 Download Mp3: Ruben Diaz 4
Ruben  DiazRuben Diaz 5   Listen to Ruben Diaz 5 Download Mp3: Ruben Diaz 5
Ruben  DiazRuben Diaz 6   Listen to Ruben Diaz 6 Download Mp3: Ruben Diaz 6
OvercastBetween Seasons   Listen to Between Seasons Download Mp3: Between Seasons
OvercastBreathe   Listen to Breathe Download Mp3: Breathe
OvercastChoices   Listen to Choices Download Mp3: Choices
OvercastDistopia   Listen to Distopia Download Mp3: Distopia
OvercastNot That I Mind   Listen to Not That I Mind Download Mp3: Not That I Mind
TapewormDissolution   Listen to Dissolution Download Mp3: Dissolution
TapewormMephisto   Listen to Mephisto Download Mp3: Mephisto
leftoverkingbest in show   Listen to best in show Download Mp3: best in show
leftoverkingbrainwashed   Listen to brainwashed Download Mp3: brainwashed
leftoverkingcape   Listen to cape Download Mp3: cape
leftoverkingchicken scratch   Listen to chicken scratch
leftoverkingdented   Listen to dented Download Mp3: dented
leftoverkinggarbage   Listen to garbage Download Mp3: garbage
leftoverkinghole in the ground   Listen to hole in the ground Download Mp3: hole in the ground
leftoverkingi ate a potato   Listen to i ate a potato Download Mp3: i ate a potato
leftoverkingmonkeys   Listen to monkeys Download Mp3: monkeys
leftoverkingshorty   Listen to shorty Download Mp3: shorty
leftoverkingthis train   Listen to this train Download Mp3: this train
XorcistMeditatio   Listen to Meditatio Download Mp3: Meditatio
XorcistNumber 1 Crush   Listen to Number 1 Crush Download Mp3: Number 1 Crush
XorcistScorched Blood (Torch Mix...   Listen to Scorched Blood (Torch Mix) Download Mp3: Scorched Blood (Torch Mix)
XorcistSmells Like Teen Spirit   Listen to Smells Like Teen Spirit Download Mp3: Smells Like Teen Spirit
XorcistSpider (8 legged mix)   Listen to Spider (8 legged mix) Download Mp3: Spider (8 legged mix)
XorcistTwo Tribes - Xorcist Mix   Listen to Two Tribes - Xorcist Mix Download Mp3: Two Tribes - Xorcist Mix
QUADEama dhblum   Listen to ama dhblum Download Mp3: ama dhblum
QUADECrosswinds   Listen to Crosswinds Download Mp3: Crosswinds
QUADEMAGRA   Listen to MAGRA Download Mp3: MAGRA
QUADEOut Of Time   Listen to Out Of Time Download Mp3: Out Of Time
QUADERaven   Listen to Raven Download Mp3: Raven
QUADESouthern plans   Listen to Southern plans Download Mp3: Southern plans
BlueCrawl Out Of The Ocean   Listen to Crawl Out Of The Ocean Download Mp3: Crawl Out Of The Ocean
Bluemen and dogs   Listen to men and dogs Download Mp3: men and dogs
BlueRadio   Listen to Radio Download Mp3: Radio
ValettaCatfish   Listen to Catfish Download Mp3: Catfish
Slewfoot String BandCounty Line   Listen to County Line Download Mp3: County Line
Slewfoot String BandDing Dang Doo   Listen to Ding Dang Doo Download Mp3: Ding Dang Doo
Slewfoot String BandRed Barrel Blues   Listen to Red Barrel Blues Download Mp3: Red Barrel Blues
Slewfoot String BandRock Pickin Blues   Listen to Rock Pickin Blues Download Mp3: Rock Pickin Blues
wepeelJaime   Listen to Jaime Download Mp3: Jaime
wepeeloid remix(not wepeel)   Listen to oid remix(not wepeel) Download Mp3: oid remix(not wepeel)
wepeelsay it aint so   Listen to say it aint so Download Mp3: say it aint so
wepeelThe world has turned and ...   Listen to The world has turned and left me here Download Mp3: The world has turned and left me here
John GrizzlyLove   Listen to Love
John GrizzlyMountain Song   Listen to Mountain Song
John GrizzlyMouse Lake   Listen to Mouse Lake
John GrizzlyMr Mankind   Listen to Mr Mankind
djcj productions.30   Listen to 30 Download Mp3: 30
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