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Humboldt County's Definitive Music Source
June 26
5:50 AM PST

Golly, what a swell view!
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PotluckWake Up   Listen to Wake Up
PotluckWhats Your Purpose   Listen to Whats Your Purpose
PotluckWhere We Live   Listen to Where We Live
PotluckWhy Is Marijuana Illegal   Listen to Why Is Marijuana Illegal
RasperEvil Eyes   Listen to Evil Eyes Download Mp3: Evil Eyes
Pilipo Phil3 Chickens (Live)   Listen to 3 Chickens (Live) Download Mp3: 3 Chickens (Live)
Pilipo PhilPlay, School, Blocks   Listen to Play, School, Blocks Download Mp3: Play, School, Blocks
Pilipo PhilPunk Rock Mom   Listen to Punk Rock Mom Download Mp3: Punk Rock Mom
Pilipo PhilSubstance   Listen to Substance Download Mp3: Substance
eBeNeZeR XXXXXeLLaNoXXXX.mp3   Listen to XXXXeLLaNoXXXX.mp3 Download Mp3: XXXXeLLaNoXXXX.mp3
eBeNeZeR XXXXXthemeanXXXX   Listen to XXXXthemeanXXXX Download Mp3: XXXXthemeanXXXX
Stereoprimer10 Gallon Aquarium   Listen to 10 Gallon Aquarium
StereoprimerBorn To Techno   Listen to Born To Techno
StereoprimerBouncy Balls   Listen to Bouncy Balls
StereoprimerCats   Listen to Cats
StereoprimerDoogies Trousers   Listen to Doogies Trousers
StereoprimerEmpty Headed   Listen to Empty Headed
StereoprimerHi Res And Danky   Listen to Hi Res And Danky
StereoprimerHot Diggity Dogz   Listen to Hot Diggity Dogz
StereoprimerImp Ending   Listen to Imp Ending
StereoprimerKool Condensation   Listen to Kool Condensation
StereoprimerLondon Calling   Listen to London Calling
StereoprimerMan Doll   Listen to Man Doll
StereoprimerMy Dope Intro   Listen to My Dope Intro
StereoprimerRubber Burner   Listen to Rubber Burner
StereoprimerRugby Battle   Listen to Rugby Battle
StereoprimerShared Memories   Listen to Shared Memories
StereoprimerTake No Beats   Listen to Take No Beats
StereoprimerTalkie Talkie   Listen to Talkie Talkie
StereoprimerTea Baggin   Listen to Tea Baggin
StereoprimerTetrix   Listen to Tetrix
ELFS - Electronic Legion of Feminist SoundsFeminist Stripper   Listen to Feminist Stripper Download Mp3: Feminist Stripper
aporiamama said   Listen to mama said Download Mp3: mama said
aporiaseperate   Listen to seperate Download Mp3: seperate
aporiaswimming   Listen to swimming Download Mp3: swimming
aporiavideo games   Listen to video games Download Mp3: video games
IGNiTFunky Body Putrid Corpse   Listen to Funky Body Putrid Corpse Download Mp3: Funky Body Putrid Corpse
IGNiTMotmah   Listen to Motmah Download Mp3: Motmah
Corry HannaAll You Can Do   Listen to All You Can Do
Corry HannaAnother Day   Listen to Another Day
Corry HannaDisappearing Shore   Listen to Disappearing Shore Download Mp3: Disappearing Shore
Corry HannaElectric Babylon   Listen to Electric Babylon
Corry HannaIsland In The Sky   Listen to Island In The Sky
Corry HannaKyla   Listen to Kyla
Corry HannaMonday to Monday   Listen to Monday to Monday
Corry HannaMr Blister   Listen to Mr Blister
Corry HannaPut It Off   Listen to Put It Off
Corry HannaSister Silk   Listen to Sister Silk
Corry HannaThru To You   Listen to Thru To You
The DisappointmentsSarah   Listen to Sarah Download Mp3: Sarah
The DisappointmentsSell Your Soul   Listen to Sell Your Soul Download Mp3: Sell Your Soul
TRASH AND ROLLCaliforniatown   Listen to Californiatown
TRASH AND ROLLGimme Skelter   Listen to Gimme Skelter Download Mp3: Gimme Skelter
TRASH AND ROLLH H Revisited   Listen to H H Revisited
TRASH AND ROLLHeroine Pig   Listen to Heroine Pig
TRASH AND ROLLJohannas Visions   Listen to Johannas Visions
TRASH AND ROLLMorpho   Listen to Morpho
TRASH AND ROLLPandaemonium   Listen to Pandaemonium
TRASH AND ROLLPanthos   Listen to Panthos
TRASH AND ROLLPophagvs   Listen to Pophagvs
TRASH AND ROLLSalty No 3   Listen to Salty No 3
TRASH AND ROLLUnion Threat   Listen to Union Threat
TRASH AND ROLLVeneration   Listen to Veneration
Rootstock  Reggae Scat   Listen to Scat Download Mp3: Scat
Camp3 Tiger RocketsMcNally   Listen to McNally
Camp3 Tiger RocketsOh Don   Listen to Oh Don
Camp3 Tiger RocketsPlaza Girl   Listen to Plaza Girl Download Mp3: Plaza Girl
Camp3 Tiger RocketsSky Island   Listen to Sky Island Download Mp3: Sky Island
Camp3 Tiger RocketsSt. Patricks Day   Listen to St. Patricks Day Download Mp3: St. Patricks Day
Frozen ConcentrateAlmost Like A Virgin   Listen to Almost Like A Virgin Download Mp3: Almost Like A Virgin
Frozen ConcentrateHow Bad I Am   Listen to How Bad I Am Download Mp3: How Bad I Am
Frozen ConcentrateQuit Tomorrow   Listen to Quit Tomorrow Download Mp3: Quit Tomorrow
Frozen ConcentrateYouKeepMeUpAllAfternoon   Listen to YouKeepMeUpAllAfternoon Download Mp3: YouKeepMeUpAllAfternoon
Rod Deal and the I-dealsHelecopters   Listen to Helecopters Download Mp3: Helecopters
Rod Deal and the I-dealsHerbicide Danger   Listen to Herbicide Danger Download Mp3: Herbicide Danger
Rod Deal and the I-dealsMarijuana Man   Listen to Marijuana Man Download Mp3: Marijuana Man
Rod Deal and the I-dealsPolice State   Listen to Police State Download Mp3: Police State
Rod Deal and the I-dealsShockwave   Listen to Shockwave Download Mp3: Shockwave
Rod Deal and the I-dealsTwo Million Acres   Listen to Two Million Acres Download Mp3: Two Million Acres
Rod Deal and the I-dealsYou Have No Right   Listen to You Have No Right Download Mp3: You Have No Right
Small FishAnima   Listen to Anima Download Mp3: Anima
Small FishAstral Central   Listen to Astral Central Download Mp3: Astral Central
Small FishBaby Oh Sweet Baby   Listen to Baby Oh Sweet Baby Download Mp3: Baby Oh Sweet Baby
Small FishCocoon   Listen to Cocoon Download Mp3: Cocoon
Small FishCrackerjack Prize   Listen to Crackerjack Prize Download Mp3: Crackerjack Prize
Small FishDance   Listen to Dance Download Mp3: Dance
Small FishDevil's Time: live @ the ...   Listen to Devil's Time: live @ the North Country Fair Download Mp3: Devil's Time: live @ the North Country Fair
Small FishEaster Hill   Listen to Easter Hill Download Mp3: Easter Hill
Small FishEveryone is Chasing the W...   Listen to Everyone is Chasing the World Download Mp3: Everyone is Chasing the World
Small FishHold On   Listen to Hold On Download Mp3: Hold On
Small FishI Can't Stop The Day   Listen to I Can't Stop The Day Download Mp3: I Can't Stop The Day
Small FishIf Only It Were So   Listen to If Only It Were So Download Mp3: If Only It Were So
Small FishI'm Watching You   Listen to I'm Watching You Download Mp3: I'm Watching You
Small FishLucky Penny   Listen to Lucky Penny Download Mp3: Lucky Penny
Small FishOn The Line   Listen to On The Line Download Mp3: On The Line
Small FishOn This Afternoon   Listen to On This Afternoon Download Mp3: On This Afternoon
Small FishOnce Outside the Doorway   Listen to Once Outside the Doorway Download Mp3: Once Outside the Doorway
Small FishOriginal Sin   Listen to Original Sin Download Mp3: Original Sin
Small FishPleeze   Listen to Pleeze Download Mp3: Pleeze
Small FishRolling Rock   Listen to Rolling Rock Download Mp3: Rolling Rock
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