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Humboldt County's Definitive Music Source
June 26
5:53 AM PST

Golly, what a swell view!
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Garberville Town BandLumpy Gravy   Listen to Lumpy Gravy Download Mp3: Lumpy Gravy
Garberville Town BandMardi Gras in New Orleans   Listen to Mardi Gras in New Orleans Download Mp3: Mardi Gras in New Orleans
Garberville Town BandMoliendo Cafe   Listen to Moliendo Cafe Download Mp3: Moliendo Cafe
Garberville Town BandMustafavo   Listen to Mustafavo Download Mp3: Mustafavo
The PhoebesThe Best Day of the Year   Listen to The Best Day of the Year Download Mp3: The Best Day of the Year
Wake up ChampDown the Ridge   Listen to Down the Ridge Download Mp3: Down the Ridge
Wake up ChampHow Can I Sing   Listen to How Can I Sing Download Mp3: How Can I Sing
JESSE MILLS BANDLeave Me Here   Listen to Leave Me Here Download Mp3: Leave Me Here
Li'l Lynne and a Few Good MenCold Shoulder   Listen to Cold Shoulder
Li'l Lynne and a Few Good MenDamsel In Distress   Listen to Damsel In Distress
Li'l Lynne and a Few Good MenLazy Lady   Listen to Lazy Lady
Li'l Lynne and a Few Good MenMy Kinda Man   Listen to My Kinda Man
Li'l Lynne and a Few Good MenOh Brother Sis   Listen to Oh Brother Sis
Li'l Lynne and a Few Good MenPalm Of Hand   Listen to Palm Of Hand
Li'l Lynne and a Few Good MenSmall Town Girl   Listen to Small Town Girl
Li'l Lynne and a Few Good MenTroubled Soul   Listen to Troubled Soul
Li'l Lynne and a Few Good MenYou Got Soul   Listen to You Got Soul
Kim  YoungAmen Corneer   Listen to Amen Corneer Download Mp3: Amen Corneer
Ryan BisioThe Pawnbroker   Listen to The Pawnbroker
THE ENDSIn It   Listen to In It Download Mp3: In It
Lyndsey BattleAll I Really Want   Listen to All I Really Want
Lyndsey BattleKooper's Song   Listen to Kooper's Song
Lyndsey BattleLight Up the World   Listen to Light Up the World Download Mp3: Light Up the World
Lyndsey BattleMorrison Springs Boogie i...   Listen to Morrison Springs Boogie in Eb Major Download Mp3: Morrison Springs Boogie in Eb Major
Lyndsey BattleShootin' Spree   Listen to Shootin' Spree
Lyndsey BattleTake Four   Listen to Take Four
Lyndsey BattleThe Summer You Were Two   Listen to The Summer You Were Two Download Mp3: The Summer You Were Two
NINABISEmerging   Listen to Emerging
NINABISMy Life   Listen to My Life
NINABISWorth More   Listen to Worth More
Jeffrey ScrogginsLoan Me Your Faith   Listen to Loan Me Your Faith Download Mp3: Loan Me Your Faith
FieldTownHey Little Mama   Listen to Hey Little Mama Download Mp3: Hey Little Mama
FieldTownHumboldt County Line   Listen to Humboldt County Line Download Mp3: Humboldt County Line
FieldTownMad River Blues   Listen to Mad River Blues Download Mp3: Mad River Blues
FieldTownPlaying For Change   Listen to Playing For Change Download Mp3: Playing For Change
DeeperAngel Move About   Listen to Angel Move About
DeeperGreenHart   Listen to GreenHart
A Farewell DeviceI Hate You (Radio Edit)   Listen to I Hate You (Radio Edit) Download Mp3: I Hate You (Radio Edit)
Emilia's RoseOf Love and Lori   Listen to Of Love and Lori
12 Around 1Big Shirl   Listen to Big Shirl Download Mp3: Big Shirl
12 Around 1Inspiration   Listen to Inspiration Download Mp3: Inspiration
12 Around 1Ostrich Face   Listen to Ostrich Face
12 Around 1Shipwreck Jungle   Listen to Shipwreck Jungle Download Mp3: Shipwreck Jungle
Vintage JAZZMisty   Listen to Misty Download Mp3: Misty
Joel Sonenshein$4.09   Listen to $4.09 Download Mp3: $4.09
Joel SonensheinCold Feet   Listen to Cold Feet Download Mp3: Cold Feet
Joel SonensheinHow My Mama Could Sing   Listen to How My Mama Could Sing Download Mp3: How My Mama Could Sing
Joel SonensheinHumboldt County Kind of D...   Listen to Humboldt County Kind of Day Download Mp3: Humboldt County Kind of Day
Joel SonensheinMcKinleyville   Listen to McKinleyville Download Mp3: McKinleyville
Joel SonensheinNo Such Thing   Listen to No Such Thing Download Mp3: No Such Thing
Joel SonensheinOne And Only   Listen to One And Only Download Mp3: One And Only
Joel SonensheinRefuge   Listen to Refuge Download Mp3: Refuge
Joel SonensheinStacy   Listen to Stacy Download Mp3: Stacy
Moonstone Heights 302   Listen to 302
Moonstone Heights B Funky 2 the Pocket   Listen to B Funky 2 the Pocket
Moonstone Heights Easy to Please   Listen to Easy to Please
Moonstone Heights Muthafunkinout   Listen to Muthafunkinout
Moonstone Heights Pituitary Funk Shuffle   Listen to Pituitary Funk Shuffle
The Hard RideGimme Booze & Get Me High...   Listen to Gimme Booze & Get Me High (LIVE) Download Mp3: Gimme Booze & Get Me High (LIVE)
Tristin Roberts - New Day RisingArise   Listen to Arise
Tristin Roberts - New Day RisingAwaken Me   Listen to Awaken Me
Tristin Roberts - New Day RisingEndless   Listen to Endless
Tristin Roberts - New Day RisingEveryday   Listen to Everyday
Tristin Roberts - New Day RisingIntimate Place   Listen to Intimate Place
Tristin Roberts - New Day RisingJesus Paid It All   Listen to Jesus Paid It All
Tristin Roberts - New Day RisingJoining The Angels   Listen to Joining The Angels
Tristin Roberts - New Day RisingNew Day Rising   Listen to New Day Rising
Tristin Roberts - New Day RisingReason For It All   Listen to Reason For It All
Tristin Roberts - New Day RisingWorthy To Be Praised   Listen to Worthy To Be Praised
Taduz LemkeEl Diablo in Wonderland   Listen to El Diablo in Wonderland Download Mp3: El Diablo in Wonderland
Taduz LemkeHurry up and wait   Listen to Hurry up and wait Download Mp3: Hurry up and wait
Taduz LemkeWhere is this ride going?   Listen to Where is this ride going? Download Mp3: Where is this ride going?
KHUM Blend, Vol. 2Cuckoos Nest - Swing From...   Listen to Cuckoos Nest - Swing From Paris
KHUM Blend, Vol. 2Eileen Hemphill-Haley - N...   Listen to Eileen Hemphill-Haley - Now That You Have My Heart
KHUM Blend, Vol. 2Errol Previde Quartet - F...   Listen to Errol Previde Quartet - Fever
KHUM Blend, Vol. 2Huckleberry Flint - Carpe...   Listen to Huckleberry Flint - Carpenter
KHUM Blend, Vol. 2John Berning - Breakin Th...   Listen to John Berning - Breakin The Bank
KHUM Blend, Vol. 2Kulica - Leave Bigfoot Al...   Listen to Kulica - Leave Bigfoot Alone
KHUM Blend, Vol. 2Lik Wefi - Cerebral Mate   Listen to Lik Wefi - Cerebral Mate
KHUM Blend, Vol. 2Lila Nelson - Bodhi Tree   Listen to Lila Nelson - Bodhi Tree
KHUM Blend, Vol. 2Rubberneckers - Another S...   Listen to Rubberneckers - Another Sunny Day
KHUM Blend, Vol. 2Ryan Roberts - Not As Bad...   Listen to Ryan Roberts - Not As Bad As Losing You
KHUM Blend, Vol. 2Sari Baker - Old Oak Tree   Listen to Sari Baker - Old Oak Tree
KHUM Blend, Vol. 2The Absynth Quintet - Gad...   Listen to The Absynth Quintet - GadjoTrain
KHUM Blend, Vol. 2The Blushin Roulettes - A...   Listen to The Blushin Roulettes - Anne Maries Song
KHUM Blend, Vol. 2The Delta Nationals - Ovi...   Listen to The Delta Nationals - Ovila Beaudoin
KHUM Blend, Vol. 2The Nucleus - Improv In D...   Listen to The Nucleus - Improv In D minor
Jackson HevrinGo For a Walk   Listen to Go For a Walk
Jackson HevrinI Got a Truck   Listen to I Got a Truck
Scott Heinzhold on   Listen to hold on Download Mp3: hold on
ASHESThe Tyrant   Listen to The Tyrant Download Mp3: The Tyrant
The ZygoatsDisposable Culture   Listen to Disposable Culture
The ZygoatsThe Worried Well   Listen to The Worried Well Download Mp3: The Worried Well
Steel Toed SlippersLay Step   Listen to Lay Step Download Mp3: Lay Step
L TokaCan't Forget The Little P...   Listen to Can't Forget The Little People
L TokaStripper Song   Listen to Stripper Song
The Bucky WaltersCarolina   Listen to Carolina
The Bucky WaltersDead Mans Blues   Listen to Dead Mans Blues
The Bucky WaltersHollar   Listen to Hollar
The Bucky WaltersLeavin   Listen to Leavin
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