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Humboldt County's Definitive Music Source
June 26
6:07 AM PST

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AkaBella Luscious Ladies
world a capella or sultry jazz choose!
Starting as the Luscious Ladies at a jazz gig last fall, the women of AkaBella dropped the backup band and began rehearsing a capella (hence, "AkaBella"). They have combined their individual talents and knowledge to explore and share every kind of world music they can find, including West and Central African, Brazilian, Russian and Afro-Cuban, as well as an array of original arrangements of classic R&B, Blues, Jazz and Rock tunes. AkaBella is based out of Arcata, California where all 5 women attend(ed) Humboldt State University by day and contribute to the eclectic music scene by night (Still performing as the "Luscious Ladies" as well). Rehearsing regularly and quickly expanding their repertoire, AkaBella looks forward to blowing minds near you in the near future.
Contact: Melody  Walker
Arcata,  Ca,
Email: Here
Phone: (707)822-4263

Web Site:

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