...Humboldt County's Definitive Music Source
Humboldt County's Definitive Music Source
June 26
6:02 AM PST

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Local Streaming,Songwriting / Theory,Music Biz,Contracts/Booking,Do-It-Yourself,Software,Charts/Tabs/Lyrics,Guitar,Sax,Gear / Parts,Misc,Lessons,etc.!
Local Streaming(8)
Songwriting / Theory(10)
Music Biz(21)
Gear / Parts(16)

Humboldtmusic Directory:
(17 total in 'Studio' category) Click Name for details.
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 Detail   Name Type Description
Detail... - Studio
Detail... ... Studio
Detail... Blue Lake Studio Studio
Detail... Bongo Boy Studio Why Bongo Boy? We offer a great stu...
Detail... Dan Swinmurn Studio Audio engineer. Live sound mixing a...
Detail... eBeNeZeR X Studio aS iF fOr sUrE waLtz tIMe sAD rHYm...
Detail... Freshside Records Studio
Detail... marshall pierce Studio Aurelian Records and Svelte Velvet
Detail... Microlab Studio Recording Studio
Detail... Myrtletown Records Studio 25 years of experience recording, p...
Detail... Owen Avenue Productions Studio Owen Avenue Productions and Larry R...
Detail... Paddle Ranch Music Farm Studio 24 track vintage recording studio w...
Detail... SOUNDMILLS music Studio
Detail... SweetRecordingStudio Studio 32 track 24-bit digital audio studi...
Detail... Top Secret Records Studio Private recording studio, intereste...
Detail... Two Street Recording Studio Digital recording studio. Located w...
Detail... White Light Audio Studio Unmatched professional quality reco...
Power 96 FM KFMI
Power 96 FM KFMI
KHUM 104.3 & 104.7 FM
KHUM 104.3 & 104.7 FM
KWPT The Point
KWPT The Point
KSLUG 94.1
KSLUG 94.1